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Calculate Your SAVINGS with ValveGuard Protection

With Fike VALVEGUARD rupture disc protection, you spend a little extra at the front end, but the savings multiplies over time.
Estimate the # of Pressure Relief Valves your facility has and the average cost of replacing a valve:

# of PRV's:  
Average Cost per PRV:  

The following assumptions made were made based on experience within the Chemical Industry. Prices may vary.

  • Initial Cost of Valveguard Protection is about $600 / Disc and holder assembly
  • Replacement of an Unprotected Valve is about 30 -40% / turn-around
  • Replacement of a Valve protected by ValveGuard, is about 0 - 15%
  • Replacement of Valveguards is about 35% per turn around, at an avg. cost of $250/disc.

    Costs Protected Valve Unprotected Valve
    Valve cost:  
    ValveGuard Protection:  
    Total Initial Cost:  

    Costs Protected Valve Unprotected Valve
    PRV Repair Costs:  
    ValveGuard Protection:  
    Total Costs / Turn-around:  

    That's a Savings of __ per turn!

    And don't forget your Hidden Costs!
    Unscheduled Outage/Downtime
    Fugitive Emissions Fines
    Loss of Process Media
    Reduction of PRV Inventory